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Trial Attorneys and Skilled Negotiators

We have been blessed to get great results for our clients because our attorneys are not afraid of going to trial and fighting for our client’s rights as well as fighting for a fair result in their case. So whether the case calls for a strong, experienced trial attorney or a skilled negotiator, our attorneys seek to obtain the best result for your case based on your circumstances.

Serving All of Central Florida

Our lead attorney has fought and won cases in Orange, Osceola, Lake, Seminole, Polk, and Volusia Counties. Contact us about your case so we can give you an honest, experienced opinion about your options and potential defenses.

Affordable, Reasonable Attorney Fees

Our passion is to serve and fight for those accused of criminal offenses regardless of their background or history. We firmly believe that a strong defense should not be something only available to the wealthiest and those who are hard-working middle class people are forced to either go it alone without benefit of an experienced trial attorney or have to shell out their life savings to pay an attorney who is preying on a person’s most vulnerable emotions. Your Orlando Defense Team will provide you a strong, experienced defense at an affordable fee, never capitalizing on your fears but actually partnering with you to try to help get your life and record back on track, not hindering it by quoting outrageous fees. We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

Our core values center around honesty and integrity because we recognize our clients are placing their faith and trust in us and it is imperative that you have a lawyer who will be honest and straightforward with you about your case, possible outcomes and possible defenses. We will not sugar-coat details nor will we make false promises, but we will give you clear and specific expectations based on your particular case and circumstances.

Fighting for those being prosecuted. Defense-minded, always.

We handle all levels and types of felony and misdemeanor cases in all Central Florida Counties from DUI, traffic offenses, to attempted murder, robbery, murder, drug offenses, sexual battery, and all other types of charges.  Call us to discuss your particular situation. We are available 24/7 to answer your calls as well as via email.

Contact us for our free booklet with FAQs and important information about the timeline of a typical case. Contact us to discuss details of your specific case so we can properly advise you and so that you are not left to navigate this ordeal on your own.